Growth Tool Ref Hack
or at least a cool add-on feature

Classification Basic
Platform ManyChat


1. Your ManyChat API key

2. Custom Field variable IDs for the ones you want to assign data to

3. A secret key

How does it work?

Just fill in the data in the form fields below and copy the JSON that is generated into your Dynamic Field section inside your ManyChat flow.

The URL you use for this script is:

How to get my ManyChat API key?

Here's a screenshot of how to get the API Key. Make sure you write it down.

how to get your manychat api

How to get the variables of your ManyChat user?

If you take a look at the JSON at the bottom of this page, you'll notice the first few variables contain values between brackets (). These have to be replaced inside your ManyChat member area. You can get the custom fields in the drop down menu in the dynamic content section where it says Add a Variable.

how to get your variable

How to get the Secret Key?

You can get one here. If you require one you will have access to all scripts that belong to your membership.

Fill in these fields and copy the JSON result into your ManyChat flow

Secret ManyChat API Key - Click here to get one
if you are counting incoming affiliate traffic, put the custom field id number (digits only) here that will keep the score of referred users
this custom field will store the referring webmaster ID so you will know who you referred. E.g. All users will have your aff ID assigned to a custom field named "Referred_by_Me", with cuf_124562
Extra payload Custom Field IDs, e.g. 123456_456789_456654...
Secret Key from Us - Click here to get one
Copy the Code below this line and paste it inside ManyChat's Dynamic Response section
The values between () need to be replaced in your ManyChat section!

Desired Outcome

If you did everything according to the instructions above, you are now able to split the alternative ref link field into seperate custom fields

Add-On available!

Do you want to offer a list of referred users as well? Click Here to get the next script that works in conjunction with this script.

Sample of the above in Action!