Cryptocurrency values
real time values

Classification Basic
Platform ManyChat


1. A custom field that has the data you want to get, or you can hardcode the Crypto currency name in your JSON

2. A secret key

How does it work?

Just fill in the data in the form fields below and copy the JSON that is generated into a Dynamic Field ACTION inside your ManyChat flow.

The URL you use for this script is:

How to get the Secret Key?

You can get one here. If you require one you will have access to all scripts that belong to your membership.

Fill in these fields and copy the JSON result into your ManyChat flow

if you leave this value empty in your flow, we will show the 5 biggest gains of the last 24 hours, unless you put in "losses" in the next field
Would you like to see the 5 biggest gains, or losses of the past 24 hours?
Copy the Code below this line and paste it inside ManyChat's Dynamic Response section
The values between () need to be replaced in your ManyChat section!

Desired Outcome

If you did everything according to the instructions above, you are now able to show your users real-time Crypto currency values inside ManyChat flows.